Maritime Global Service

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Effective, rapid and sustainable solutions to preserve marine biodiversity

Our decades of experience in fighting against marine pollution and the professionalism of our team allow us to quickly respond in the event of spills, whether they are small or large accidents.
We have the equipment and technical resources needed to apply effective, immediate and marine-friendly solutions.

We’re part of the Emergency Plan of Port of A Coruña and its immediate response team.

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We solve all kinds of situations, from spills (solid and liquid) to the execution of preventive actions, allowing us to reduce the number of polluting accidents to a minimum.

Solutions to marine pollution and water treatment

Cleaning and treatment of water pollution caused by floating solid and liquid wastes using Pelican-type vessels and aquatic cleaning drone.

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Solutions to oil spills

We minimise the environmental impact of spills by providing an immediate response and collaborating with regulatory authorities.
Protecting oceans’ health and biodiversity is everyone’s priority.

We use different equipment for this purpose:

  • Barriers and containment fencing
  • Skimmers 
  • Absorbent materials
  • Dispersant
  • First response equipment for emergencies
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